Cyber Essentials Series

Our initial course provides the participant with a high-level overview of a Linux based operating system including an introduction to some of the system’s basic tools and functions.

Course 1 – Getting to Know Kali

Course Description: Participants are introduced to the Kali Linux operating system and some of the basics of using this Linux based system. They are told the operating system (OS) comes installed with hundreds of “hacking” tools. This is to familiarize the student with the OS so they understand what they will be installing in the next class, how to use it and whether it is working properly.

Course 1 – Demo

Course 2 – Installing Kali Linux

Course Description: Participants are taught how to install and use basic commands for the Kali Linux operating system.


Course 3: Basic Linux Commands

Course Description: This course will go beyond the OS basics learned in the “Getting to Know Kali” course. Students will learn about users, groups, and permissions. They will learn basic Linux commands such as “ls”, “more”, “less”, “chmod”, “chown”, “| (the pipe)”, and “grep”. These commands are essential for not just hacking, but basic Linux system administration.

Course 4: Nmap – The Network Mapper

Course Description: Nmap is one of the most fundamental tools in network security. This tool is extremely useful for network and host discovery. It is an essential tool in a hacker’s arsenal. The course will cover nmap basics, as well as an overview of standard ports and services, and TCP vs UDP. By the end of this course, students will be comfortable running basic nmap scans and reading scan results.