Tech Data is the first distributor to deliver a cyber range for use by the channel. What sets Tech Data apart is the hands-on nature of the education our attendees receive, which helps them gain high competency quickly while also providing practical skills they can immediately use in the workforce. The immersive nature of the Tech Data Cyber Range also fosters a fundamentally deeper understanding of the “why” of cybersecurity.

Unlike a traditional computer lab or solution center, the Tech Data Cyber Range is an immersive environment that incorporates a realistic operational setting for our attendees to develop/hone their skills.

As a commercial cyber range, our mission focuses on three specific areas:

  • Train our partners and their customers in cybersecurity skills
  • Demonstrate and leverage our vendor technologies to create, replicate and quickly repeat specific network or operating environments to provide realistic hands-on training for our customers
  • Engage the channel through an interactive, state-of-the-art learning facility

Finally, Tech Data is partnering with the National Cyber Warfare Foundation, a non-profit in the Phoenix area, to leverage some of their technology and software to provide several of our Cyber Range services such as public access into the virtual training environment.