The Tech Data Cyber Range serves three core purposes: train, demonstrate and engage.

  • Train and educate using multiple forms of training sources of on-premise and cloud-based learning courses
    • The Tech Data Cyber Range offers multiple forms of training designed for those new to cybersecurity and for those with more advanced skills. Courses will be available both on-site at the Cyber Range and delivered remotely via cloud-based training methods.
  • Demonstrate solutions using the best technology, proven processes and most advanced techniques
    • As a leading global solutions aggregator, Tech Data provides our partner community with access to the most advanced cybersecurity technology available on the market through our partnerships with world-class vendors.
    • To help simplify the complex, partners can use the Tech Data Cyber Range as a solution center to test and engage with the many offerings from our trusted vendor community.
  • Engage in opportunities to develop specific knowledge, skills and abilities through hands-on experience
    • Tech Data Cyber Range provides an environment for technical individuals to learn, test, fail and access cyber threats in a safe place and learn how crucial it is for companies to invest in cyber defense.
    • Tech Data offers vendors and partners an interactive environment to host customer meetings allowing for product demonstration, presentation and interactive learning.