Tech Data is committed to enabling new cybersecurity talent and significantly improving the skills of existing cybersecurity professionals in the partner channel and the end-user community.

Our immersive engagements in classes, workshops, boot camps and exercises develop and refine cybersecurity professionals so they will make a difference in your business. Our goal is to develop these talented cyber-trained individuals for placement in partners and customers around North America.

Tech Data will leverage our Cyber Range for three core missions: Training, Demonstration and Engagement.


The Tech Data Cyber Range will offer multiple forms of training courses designed for both individuals new to cybersecurity and those more advanced. These courses will be available both onsite at the Cyber Range facility and remotely via cloud delivered training methods.

For new students of cybersecurity, Tech Data has partnered with Cybrary who provides an extensive set of courses available free of charge. Cybrary provides access to high quality, exclusive cybersecurity and I.T. video learning resources you can’t find anywhere else. Learn anytime, anywhere from subject matter experts, industry professionals and thought-leading companies. Earn certificates and CEU/CPEs and engage with a community of ~2,200,000 professionals around the world. By signing up for a free account, you can select a curriculum designed to further your skills in the following career fields.

  • Network Engineer
  • SOC Analytics
  • Penetration Tester
  • Cyber Security Engineer

By leveraging a coupon code provided by Tech Data, students may optionally upgrade to Cybrary Insider Pro which provides students access to the entire Cybrary course library, a guided mentor through your training, access to over 200+ Virtual Lab Environments, practice test software to prep for industry certifications and Premium Support.

For students who would prefer a classroom style learning experience at an accelerated pace, Tech Data will be offering over 50 cybersecurity courses to prepare students for careers as a SOC Analyst or advanced cybersecurity engineer with skills development in areas such as…

  • Cybersecurity Concepts and Techniques
  • Digital Incident Response
  • Digital Forensics
  • Threat Hunting
  • Penetration Testing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Mobile Device Security

These courses will be offered at a discounted rate through Tech Data from our trusted training partner, Cloud Range. Tech Data offers an extensive training catalog and training schedule available on this website.


As a solutions distributor, Tech Data is committed to providing our partner community with access to the most advanced cybersecurity technology available on the market through our vendor partners. We realize it can be confusing to understand the many solutions available, so Tech Data will leverage our Cyber Range as a solution center to test and engage with the many offerings of our trusted vendor partners. Available technology in the Cyber Range will include…

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Identity and Access Management systems
  • Endpoint Security solutions
  • Cloud Security solutions
  • Mobile Security solutions
  • IoT Security solutions
Panda by Watchguard

Isla by CyberInc

Carbon Black by VMware


Tech Data is excited to offer the Cyber Range facility as a way for individuals to “feel and touch” cybersecurity and learn how crucial it is for companies to invest appropriately in their cyber defense. While many cyber services such as training courses and demonstrations of technology will be available remotely, engagement in the physical Cyber Range room will be available as well.

For those who visit, they will have access to a variety of cyber challenges to test their skills and compete with others in the room. We will also host many types of events at the Cyber Range such as workshops, seminars, certification study groups and vendor or partner hosted events.

If you are a Tech Data Vendor or a Partner and would like to schedule an event for your customers, please email .


As partners struggle to find qualified cybersecurity engineers who can install security software, design security defensive architectures, configure complex firewalls and Security Information and Event Management systems, Tech Data has invested in these specialized skill-sets to ensure our partners are prepared to deploy technology quickly and efficiently.

Tech Data has invested in both consulting services and managed security services which are available to our partners after a project scoping call and development of a detailed Statement of Work.

For more information about our Tech Data Security Services, please reach out to or checkout our web page.