Your cybersecurity team will participate in a half-day, instructor-led, online training mission without the commitment of an annual subscription.

In this scenario, a series of security flaws pertaining to a public web server under your control enables the attacker to exploit the system using SQL injection exploitation techniques. The successful nefarious activities of the attacker pivot to internal systems, extract privileged information and interfere with business processes. Participants will learn to identify the attack through SQL, Firewall and SIEM log analytics and implement controls to block additional data exfiltration, lateral movement and protect the organization from future malicious activity.

This course is for the novice student and useful skills to be familiar with would be Microsoft Structured Query Language (MSSQL), Server management, IIS server logs, Checkpoint firewalls and MicroFocus ArcSight.

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Course ID Description Duration Format MSRP
CRC-SI-I Per Person 4 Hrs Online $349.00
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