Your cybersecurity team will participate in a half-day, instructor-led, online training mission without the commitment of an annual subscription.

In the Web Defacement scenario, an attack using brute-force techniques is launched against the SSH daemon on an Apache web server. The attacker, upon successful breach of credentials, defaces the website with their own “hacked “version prior to detection. Participants must first identify and subsequently stop the attacker from taking further actions and correct the defacement in order to maintain the company’s image.

In the DDOS SYN Flood scenario, In this scenario, internet bots are leveraged to generate a large amount of traffic targeting one of the organization’s websites. The traffic floods and eventually overloads the bandwidth and resources of the target, crippling the server and causing a denial-of-service (DoS). Participants will identify and mitigate the attack using various tools to successfully defend the attack, implement rules to prevent subsequent attacks and restore services and operational functionality.

This course is for the Novice/Intermediate level student and useful skills to be familiar with for the Web defacement exercise would be Linux log management, Apache web server, Checkpoint firewalls and MicroFocus ArcSight. Useful skills to be familiar with for the DDOS SYN Flood exercise would be Network forensics, TCP protocol, SNORT IDS and Checkpoint firewall.

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