Tech Data has hired an amazing cybersecurity staff of Range Engineers who maintain our datacenter, host onsite events, educate walk-ins and most importantly, develop cybersecurity curriculum for our partner community.

Tech Data has created several types of cybersecurity education courses which are all designed to be delivered to visitors of our Cyber Range facility in Tempe, AZ. For example, these training classes can be leveraged during a vendor or partner hosted event for their customers. Most of these courses have a short 10min version, a 45min version and a half-day version of each topic. This allows for the most flexibility depending on the target audience and their duration of visit.

For pricing information, please reach out to your Tech Data Sales Representative or send an email to .

Cyber Essentials Series

Our Cyber Essential Series serves as an introduction to the tools and resources that can be utilized at the Tech Data Cyber Range. This free, instructor-led course will allow participants to obtain new computer skills and discover a variety of security technologies. This course provides participants with the cybersecurity knowledge needed to better understand system vulnerabilities and how to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.
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