Your cybersecurity team will participate in a half-day, instructor-led, online training mission without the commitment of an annual subscription.

Similar to Java NMS Kill, this scenario emulates a Watering-Hole attack in which the attacker sits and waits for the victim. The victim, having performed the expected action of navigating to a known, infected website enables the hacker to “eavesdrop” on all messages within the organization through the execution of a Trojan Horse. Participants will leverage their advanced analysis techniques in this complex attack to detect, analyze and stop the malicious code to minimize the attack surface and protect the organization from further compromise.

This course is for the Advanced level student and useful skills to be familiar with would be Linux log management, Linux forensics, HTML/Java knowledge, Checkpoint firewalls and MicroFocus ArcSight.

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CRC-JS-IPer Person4 HrsOnline$349.00