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Frequently Asked Questions2022-02-04T12:40:25-05:00

Do you have questions about the Tech Data Cyber Range? Hopefully you will find your answers here.

How is the Tech Data Cyber Range different than those offered by large technology providers like Cisco and IBM?2021-04-23T16:25:53-04:00

Tech Data is the first distributor to deliver a cyber range for use by the channel. What sets Tech Data apart is the hands-on nature of the education our attendees receive, which helps them gain high competency quickly while also providing practical skills they can immediately use in the workforce. The immersive nature of the Tech Data Cyber Range also fosters a fundamentally deeper understanding of the “why” of cybersecurity.

Unlike a traditional computer lab or solution center, the Tech Data Cyber Range is an immersive environment that incorporates a realistic operational setting for our attendees to develop/hone their skills.

As a commercial cyber range, our mission focuses on three specific areas:

  • Train our partners and their customers in cybersecurity skills
  • Demonstrate and leverage our vendor technologies to create, replicate and quickly repeat specific network or operating environments to provide realistic hands-on training for our customers
  • Engage the channel through an interactive, state-of-the-art learning facility

Finally, Tech Data is partnering with the National Cyber Warfare Foundation, a non-profit in the Phoenix area, to leverage some of their technology and software to provide several of our Cyber Range services such as public access into the virtual training environment.

How many people does it take to staff the Cyber Range?2021-04-23T16:25:53-04:00

The Tech Data Cyber Range team is composed of 5 dedicated resources and technology experts from around the business. Our Cyber Range professionals will coordinate participation from many vendor-aligned technology experts who will support demonstrations and training.

How many Cyber Ranges does Tech Data have?2021-04-23T16:25:53-04:00

At this time Tech Data has built a single Cyber Range for North Americas at our Phoenix headquarters location. Tech Data has also partnered with Information Security Hub (ISH), who provides security for the Munich airport, to help Tech Data customers develop new cybersecurity technical skills and practice them in simulated attacks.  Based on the response from the channel and the use of these ranges, Tech Data will evaluate future options for more Cyber Ranges at that time.

What is the Tech Data Cyber Range?2021-04-23T16:25:54-04:00

Tech Data opened the first-of-its-kind cyber range in distribution in November 2019. The cyber range is an immersive learning environment designed to simulate real-world situations that can be used to prevent, detect or respond to known or simulated cyber threats.

Who are the target customers/users of the Cyber Range?2021-04-23T16:25:54-04:00

The Tech Data Cyber Range offers valuable benefits to several audiences, including our vendors, partners and the end-user community.

  • Vendors can showcase their solutions as well as host engagement opportunities in the Tech Data Cyber Range in order to build their market share.
  • Partners can leverage the Tech Data Cyber Range to test and demonstrate the technology to their customers, as well as to gain the skills necessary to design holistic cybersecurity solutions and services to mitigate the most advanced cyber threats.
    • Partners can also host or attend training programs, which may include workshops, seminars or other certification courses.
  • The end-user community will be able to take training courses and cybersecurity awareness experiences through their partners at the Tech Data Cyber Range location or remotely via a cloud-based platform.
Why did Tech Data decide to invest in a cyber range?2021-04-23T16:25:54-04:00

Cybersecurity Ventures is predicting that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions by 2021. Tech Data is at the center of the IT ecosystem and can play a key role in helping to address this critical problem. The range also supports helping our channel partners capture a significant share of the approximate $25B total cybersecurity market opportunity that is projected to be available in North America by 2023

How would a partner leverage the Cyber Range and how much does it cost?2021-04-23T16:25:54-04:00

There are many ways to participate in the Tech Data Cyber Range. Channel partners and their customers are always welcome to visit but it is recommended to check our events calendar to ensure another event isn’t planned. Additionally, if you wish to schedule a customer-focused event in the room, please submit a request via the website or email Finally, you may sign up for various courses from our website, both free and fee-based.

Does my team need to go somewhere for training?2021-04-23T16:26:30-04:00

As long as you have internet access, you can participate in private or public training sessions from any computer with internet access through a private network.

How long does each training session last?2021-04-23T16:27:09-04:00

A training session usually lasts from 3 to 6 hours. Custom scenarios can be designed to be longer.

How many people can attend a single training session?2021-04-23T16:27:33-04:00

Up to 20 people from your team can log into a live private session.

Is the instructor on site?2021-04-23T16:27:55-04:00

Cloud Range delivers both on-premise and remote training.

Are training sessions private?2021-04-23T16:28:52-04:00

Cloud Range also offers public facing virtual instructor-led training sessions, but FlexRange is private training sessions just for your team.

How old do you have to be to visit the Cyber Range?2021-04-23T16:29:26-04:00

Tech Data does not impose an age limit to visit the Cyber Range. However, the Cyber Range is located in a corporate office building so please use discretion with respectful behavior.

Where do I get Kali Linux?2021-04-23T16:33:59-04:00

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution that contains many hacker tools already installed and ready to use in a server image format that you can install in a virtual machine or on a physical device like a laptop or Raspberry Pi.

Tech Data has developed documentation which will help you with the procedure to obtain and install Kali Linux if you don’t already have access to it.

How do I access the Tech Data Cyber Range training remotely?2021-04-23T16:34:53-04:00

You may access the Cyber Range remotely by visiting our online instructions.

How do I access Cybrary Training Classes2021-04-23T16:36:22-04:00

You can register for a free account at Cybrary to access their huge on-demand video training library. If you are an individual or business and wish to upgrade to the Cybrary Insider Pro subscription service to manage Team training and view analytics about their knowledge learning or skills assessment, Tech Data offers a discount code for the upgrade. Please see a Tech Data Cyber Range staff member or email for more information.

How long are Cybrary training classes?2021-04-23T16:37:14-04:00

Classes are mostly on-demand and the length varies depending on the class you are taking.

What types of Services are offered at the Cyber Range?2021-04-23T16:37:46-04:00

Tech Data offers many different types of security services to our partners through the Cyber Range. These services are delivered by our Cyber Range Engineering team and may include…

  • Incident Response Experience
  • Attacker’s Insight
  • Attack Simulations
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security product installation services

For more detail about our security services, please see our services website.

What should I do if I want to host an event at the TD Cyber Range?2021-04-23T16:39:20-04:00

If you are interested in hosting an event at the Tech Data Cyber Range, please send an email to with your name and contact information and someone will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, you may submit a request on our website.

What is the purpose of the Tech Data Cyber Range?2021-07-10T19:56:51-04:00

The Tech Data Cyber Range serves three core purposes: train, demonstrate and engage.

  • Train and educate using multiple forms of training sources of on-premise and cloud-based learning courses
    • The Tech Data Cyber Range offers multiple forms of training designed for those new to cybersecurity and for those with more advanced skills. Courses will be available both on-site at the Cyber Range and delivered remotely via cloud-based training methods.
  • Demonstrate solutions using the best technology, proven processes and most advanced techniques
    • As a leading global solutions aggregator, Tech Data provides our partner community with access to the most advanced cybersecurity technology available on the market through our partnerships with world-class vendors.
    • To help simplify the complex, partners can use the Tech Data Cyber Range as a solution center to test and engage with the many offerings from our trusted vendor community.
  • Engage in opportunities to develop specific knowledge, skills and abilities through hands-on experience
    • Tech Data Cyber Range provides an environment for technical individuals to learn, test, fail and access cyber threats in a safe place and learn how crucial it is for companies to invest in cyber defense.
    • Tech Data offers vendors and partners an interactive environment to host customer meetings allowing for product demonstration, presentation and interactive learning.
How is the Cyber Range addressing the security skills shortage in the market?2021-07-10T19:58:59-04:00

As a global company, Tech Data believes it is our responsibility to assist in solving the global cybersecurity skills shortage by leveraging our scale and reach to train our large partner community. This training happens in a number of ways.

Tech Data believes the best cyber talent within an organization is a skilled professional, who not only understands the business operations and how cybersecurity fits into the greater needs of the organization, but also knows how to articulate that well. The Tech Data Cyber Range helps address the cyber skills shortage by providing an immersive learning environment to help continually train and educate technical teams to assess and improve their ability to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks.

You can also learn more about our Passage Program, which seeks to assist individuals in beginning and advancing their professional careers in cybersecurity.

How old do you have to be to visit the Cyber Range?2021-07-10T20:05:55-04:00

Tech Data does not impose an age limit to visit the Cyber Range. However, the Cyber Range is located in a corporate office building so please use discretion with respectful behavior.

Is there a dress code for the Cyber Range?2021-07-10T20:07:05-04:00

Since the Cyber Range is located inside of the Tech Data Corporate offices, we ask for visitors to wear business casual attire.

Where is the Tech Data Cyber Range located?2021-07-10T20:07:56-04:00

You may visit the Tech Data Cyber Range at our Phoenix based Tech Data office located at 8700 S Price Rd, Tempe, AZ 85234.
Appointments should be made ahead of time so that we are staffed appropriately for your visit.

Where do I go when I arrive?2021-07-10T20:08:53-04:00

Upon arrival, enter through the main lobby at the front of the building and the receptionist will direct you to the Cyber Range, which is located through the glass doors on the right side of the receptionist desk and to the right.

Do I need an appointment to visit the Cyber Range?2021-07-10T20:09:24-04:00

A prior appointment is required for a facility tour. You can request a tour or in-person appointment here.

What types of training are offered at the cyber range?2021-07-10T20:10:28-04:00

The Tech Data Cyber Range offers multiple forms of training courses designed for both individuals new to cybersecurity and those more advanced. These courses are available both on-site at the Cyber Range facility and remotely via cloud delivered training methods.

  • Online Training: For new students of cybersecurity, Tech Data has partnered with Cybrary to provide an extensive set of courses available free of charge. Learn anytime, anywhere from subject matter experts, industry professionals and thought-leading companies. Earn certificates, CEU/CPEs and engage with a community of almost 2.2 million professionals around the world. Participants can select a curriculum designed to further their skills in the following career fields:
    • Network Engineer
    • SOC Analytics
    • Penetration Tester
    • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Classroom Training: For students who would prefer a classroom-style learning experience at an accelerated pace, Tech Data offers over 25 cybersecurity courses to prepare students for careers as SOC analysts or advanced cybersecurity engineers.  These courses are offered through a partnership with Cloud Range.  For more information, please refer to our training website.
  • Cyber Range Training: The essence of the Cyber Range is a set of virtual servers which allow guests to login remotely and interact with Linux servers in a capture-the-flag experience. For more information about how to access the Cyber Range, check out the online instructions.
Why do I get a 404 error in my web browser when accessing the “Range Connect” page?2021-07-10T20:11:15-04:00

The first thing to do is to clear your web browser cache as it is possible that you have a stale connection if you have connected to the Range in the past. You may also try closing your web browser and reopening it or trying a different web browser.

It’s possible that the Cyber Range is down for maintenance in which case you can email to report the issue.

What type of Incident Response simulations do you offer and where did they come from?2021-07-10T20:12:25-04:00

Tech Data currently offers over 10 cybersecurity incident response exercises that replicate a variety of real-world threats that customers may face. All of our exercises are in a continuous improvement process (CIP) based on the ever-changing nature of cybersecurity threats facing our supply chain and customers. All exercises are designed based on active and real-time threat intelligence from our Information Sharing and Analysis Organization known commercially as ISAO Threat Feed.

What does the curriculum for the Passage Program look like?2022-02-09T07:54:17-05:00

The Passage Program uses a mix of existing vendor solutions and TD SYNNEX original content to create end-to-end training for each supported job role. TD SYNNEX content is composed of custom e-learning content, practical skills assessments, and consultation services.

What do you get when completing the curriculum for the Passage Program?2022-02-09T07:55:04-05:00

While the Passage Program is not an accrediting body and will not provide a certification for completing the program, documentation of completion will be provided. Additionally, candidates who successfully complete the Placement Initiative will enter our job placement pool, where we will work with our partner organization to find a suitable career opportunity for the candidate.

Is there a way to resell the Passage Program: Placement Initiative?2022-02-09T07:55:27-05:00

Unfortunately, there is not a way for our partners to resell the Placement Initiative with end-user customers. The legal requirements for job placements are very specialized and outside of TD SYNNEX’s ability. TD SYNNEX is working through a staffing provider to service the placement of candidates with hiring organizations, but the contract does not allow for additional entities to be included.

What if a candidate placed through the Passage Program: Placement Initiative is not a good fit for the organization? Will that organization be reimbursed?2022-02-09T07:56:07-05:00

For candidates placed with TD SYNNEX partners, there are designated timelines that are outlined in the placement agreement for any potential reimbursement to be met. Partners hiring from the Passage Program’s candidate pool should interview any aspiring applicant with the same diligence as any other organizational hire.

Will TD SYNNEX partners be able to utilize the Passage Program: Placement Initiative for part-time or 1099 jobs?2022-02-09T07:56:37-05:00

The Placement Initiative is only available to place candidates into full-time permanent positions. If partners are interested in part-time or 1099 resources, they should reach out to the security services team at

As a TD SYNNEX partner, can I have an employee enroll in the Passage Program: Placement Initiative for job readiness development?2022-02-09T07:57:03-05:00

TD SYNNEX partners are not allowed to enroll employees into the Placement Initiative. Entry into this initiative is directed towards individuals that are looking to enter the career field of cybersecurity. If a TD SYNNEX partner needs job readiness development for an employee, the Upskill Initiative will be available to support that need.

How are candidates selected for the Passage Program: Placement Initiative? Is it open to anyone?2022-02-09T07:57:27-05:00

While there is no cost requirement for applicants, the Passage Program staff expects applicants to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Candidates are available for full-time job placement upon completion of the program.
  • Candidates can successfully complete a background check.
  • Candidates have a degree in cybersecurity or certifications from industry-recognized cybersecurity programs.
  • Candidates have some form of hands-on experience through a job or an industry recognized cybersecurity program.

Since the Passage Program: Upskill Initiative can be resold through TD SYNNEX partners to end-user customers, can the service be “white-labeled”?2022-02-09T07:57:47-05:00

Like other professional services in cybersecurity, the Passage Program Upskill Initiative does not support being white-labeled, as a majority of the program’s content is delivered through the Cyber Range and third-party training platforms.

Is there a reimbursement for a participant that fails to complete the Passage Program: Upskill Initiative?2022-02-09T07:58:11-05:00

Participants in the Upskill Initiative will be thoroughly screened for program readiness prior to being admitted into the program and billed respectively for the program. If a participant meets the program requirements but fails to complete the training in the allocated time or is unable/unwilling to complete the training, no reimbursement will be issued.

I am looking to start a cybersecurity assessment service; would a Junior Penetration Tester be a good fit to support the development of this business need?2022-02-09T07:58:41-05:00

The short answer would be no. The Junior Penetration Tester role is ideal for organizations that already have a security assessment team in place. Even after completion of the Passage Program, a candidate placed into an entry level cybersecurity job role will still require the professional guidance and development that comes from a tenured and senior offensive security leader.

Is there a demonstration of the Passage Program: Upskill Initiative available?2022-02-09T07:59:02-05:00

Since the program is a professional service and not a training platform, there is not a demonstration available for partners to review.

I’m interested in learning more about the Passage Program; who should I reach out to for next steps?2022-02-09T07:59:23-05:00

  • Anyone looking to apply to the Passage Program: Placement Initiative should visit the Passage Program: Placement Initiative page.
  • Partners looking to hire from our pool of candidates that have completed the Placement Initiative should reach out to the security services team at
  • Partners wanting to use the Upskill Initiative to develop their own employees or resell the service to their clients should reach out to the security services team at

Who can participate in the Passage Program?2022-03-17T13:35:01-04:00

Any TD SYNNEX partner can utilize the program’s services, either for staff augmentation through the Placement Initiative or through employee skills development through the Upskill Initiative. Additionally, any individual who meets the minimum requirements can apply to enroll in the Placement Initiative. The roles currently offered for both initiatives are a Cybersecurity Analyst and a Junior Penetration Tester.

Why is the Passage Program launching with Cybersecurity Analyst and Junior Penetration Tester roles?2022-03-17T13:35:38-04:00

While the job roles may not fit the need with all organizations, those with a more mature security practice can utilize the program to build their talent base or develop their existing employees’ competencies. As the program develops, additional roles will be added to support partner needs.

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