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Placement Initiative2022-04-14T19:35:38-04:00

The Placement Initiative is a component of the Passage Program, and was developed by the Tech Data Cyber Range to support the development of new cybersecurity talent. It places candidates in new job roles by providing the resources and skills needed to succeed in the workforce. The Placement Initiative focuses on developing candidates who are interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity, such as current university students or recent graduates of a cybersecurity program.

The Placement Initiative is designed for two target audiences: candidates, who are looking to be placed in new job roles cybersecurity, and employers, who are looking to hire candidates who have completed the program.

Career Roles for the Placement Initiative: 

Cybersecurity Analyst

  • A Cybersecurity Analyst is an entry-level job role in defensive cybersecurity.
  • This role is responsible for the monitoring and investigation of security alerts and incidents within a security practice.
  • This path is directed at individuals interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity, such as current college and university students or recent graduates of a cybersecurity program.

The Placement Initiative will provide job-readiness testing and training on the following topics:

  • Malware identification
  • Data search procedures
  • Identification and recognition of vulnerabilities
  • Utilization of protocol analyzers
  • Interpretation of collected information and logs
  • Fundamentals of Windows
  • Report writing

Junior Penetration Tester

  • A Junior Penetration Tester is an entry-level job role in offensive cybersecurity.
  • This role is responsible for the reconnaissance, enumeration, analysis and reporting of security vulnerabilities.
  • This path is directed at individuals interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity who have a mix of education and practical ethical hacking experience.

The Placement Initiative will provide job-readiness testing and training on the following topics:

  • Pre-engagement analysis
  • Reconnaissance and information gathering
  • Enumeration
  • Introduction to exploitation
  • Post-exploitation and engagement clean-up
  • Remediation guidance
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Report writing

For Candidates

If you are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, seeking to be placed within an organization as a cybersecurity professional, and believe you meet the criteria required for entry, the Placement Initiative might be right for you.

Candidates accepted into the program can expect:

  • Identification of cybersecurity competencies and areas of development
  • Job placement support with recruiters and hiring organizations
  • No out-of-pocket costs to enroll

Are you interested in applying to the Placement Initiative? Complete the application today. 

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Candidate Benefits

  • Real-world cybersecurity skills and knowledge assessments
  • Skills training to prepare for job readiness
  • Support with career path development, resume building and interview readiness

For Employers

If you are an employer, you can be confident in hiring individuals who have successfully completed the Placement Initiative program.

Employers utilizing the program can expect:

  • The opportunity to hire candidates for critical cybersecurity job roles
  • Confidence in hiring individuals who have been verified to possess job readiness competencies
  • A simplified and easy process to onboard individuals who have completed the program

Are you an employer interested in the Placement Initiative? Email us today.

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Employer Benefits

  • Expand your internal security departments
  • Eliminate onboarding time constraints
  • Gain confidence in hiring qualified, proficient candidates

Passage Program: Placement Initiative FAQs

Who can participate in the Passage Program?2022-03-17T13:35:01-04:00

Any TD SYNNEX partner can utilize the program’s services, either for staff augmentation through the Placement Initiative or through employee skills development through the Upskill Initiative. Additionally, any individual who meets the minimum requirements can apply to enroll in the Placement Initiative. The roles currently offered for both initiatives are a Cybersecurity Analyst and a Junior Penetration Tester.

Why is the Passage Program launching with Cybersecurity Analyst and Junior Penetration Tester roles?2022-03-17T13:35:38-04:00

While the job roles may not fit the need with all organizations, those with a more mature security practice can utilize the program to build their talent base or develop their existing employees’ competencies. As the program develops, additional roles will be added to support partner needs.

What does the curriculum for the Passage Program look like?2022-02-09T07:54:17-05:00

The Passage Program uses a mix of existing vendor solutions and TD SYNNEX original content to create end-to-end training for each supported job role. TD SYNNEX content is composed of custom e-learning content, practical skills assessments, and consultation services.

What do you get when completing the curriculum for the Passage Program?2022-02-09T07:55:04-05:00

While the Passage Program is not an accrediting body and will not provide a certification for completing the program, documentation of completion will be provided. Additionally, candidates who successfully complete the Placement Initiative will enter our job placement pool, where we will work with our partner organization to find a suitable career opportunity for the candidate.

Is there a way to resell the Passage Program: Placement Initiative?2022-02-09T07:55:27-05:00

Unfortunately, there is not a way for our partners to resell the Placement Initiative with end-user customers. The legal requirements for job placements are very specialized and outside of TD SYNNEX’s ability. TD SYNNEX is working through a staffing provider to service the placement of candidates with hiring organizations, but the contract does not allow for additional entities to be included.

What if a candidate placed through the Passage Program: Placement Initiative is not a good fit for the organization? Will that organization be reimbursed?2022-02-09T07:56:07-05:00

For candidates placed with TD SYNNEX partners, there are designated timelines that are outlined in the placement agreement for any potential reimbursement to be met. Partners hiring from the Passage Program’s candidate pool should interview any aspiring applicant with the same diligence as any other organizational hire.

Will TD SYNNEX partners be able to utilize the Passage Program: Placement Initiative for part-time or 1099 jobs?2022-02-09T07:56:37-05:00

The Placement Initiative is only available to place candidates into full-time permanent positions. If partners are interested in part-time or 1099 resources, they should reach out to the security services team at

As a TD SYNNEX partner, can I have an employee enroll in the Passage Program: Placement Initiative for job readiness development?2022-02-09T07:57:03-05:00

TD SYNNEX partners are not allowed to enroll employees into the Placement Initiative. Entry into this initiative is directed towards individuals that are looking to enter the career field of cybersecurity. If a TD SYNNEX partner needs job readiness development for an employee, the Upskill Initiative will be available to support that need.

How are candidates selected for the Passage Program: Placement Initiative? Is it open to anyone?2022-02-09T07:57:27-05:00

While there is no cost requirement for applicants, the Passage Program staff expects applicants to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Candidates are available for full-time job placement upon completion of the program.
  • Candidates can successfully complete a background check.
  • Candidates have a degree in cybersecurity or certifications from industry-recognized cybersecurity programs.
  • Candidates have some form of hands-on experience through a job or an industry recognized cybersecurity program.

I’m interested in learning more about the Passage Program; who should I reach out to for next steps?2022-02-09T07:59:23-05:00

  • Anyone looking to apply to the Passage Program: Placement Initiative should visit the Passage Program: Placement Initiative page.
  • Partners looking to hire from our pool of candidates that have completed the Placement Initiative should reach out to the security services team at
  • Partners wanting to use the Upskill Initiative to develop their own employees or resell the service to their clients should reach out to the security services team at

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