How do we know how well a candidate can truly perform, just by looking at their resume? We don’t. FastTrak Candidate Assessments are simulation exercises that assess a candidate’s actual skills and abilities by immersing them in a live, simulated cyber attack. The result is a report containing various metrics and timing associated with the detection, investigation and response.

The FastTrak Assessment is designed for SOC Team managers during hiring, promotion and cross-training who must determine a candidate’s qualifications, practical skills, relative overall experience and readiness to
defend as a cybersecurity professional.

Features of the FastTrak Assessment:

  • Test candidates using actual industry tools, including SIEM, firewalls, EDR, etc.
  • Sessions can be proctored, assisted or fully passive
  • Choice of assessment scenarios
  • Define the exact time allotment and difficulty level for each scenario
  • Assess specific skills and jobs functions

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Course ID # Candidates Duration Format MSRP
FTCA-1 1 3 Hours Online $1,358.00
FTCA-3 3 3 Hours Online $3,259.20
FTCA-6 6 3 Hours Online $5,703.60
FTCA-8 8 3 Hours Online $6,518.40
FTCA-12 12 3 Hours Online $8,148.00
FTCA-16 16 3 Hours Online $8,691.20
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