Your cybersecurity team will participate in a half-day, instructor-led, online training mission without the commitment of an annual subscription.

In this scenario, the system sends an infected e-mail with a link to a Trojan executable. When the executable is opened, a Trojan is installed and performs a local search of secret files and sends them to the attacker by e-mail. Participants experience first-hand the entire attack chain of a successful spear-phishing campaign demonstrating a real-world example of system compromise and exfiltration of sensitive information referencing examples of high-profile attacks when spear-phishing was used include the attack on RSA, HBGary Federal and Operation Aurora (attack on Google).

This course is for the Intermediate level student and useful skills to be familiar with would be Windows log management, sendmail email server, windows scripting, Checkpoint firewalls and MicroFocus ArcSight.

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CRC-TDL-I Per Person 4 Hrs Online $349.00
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